The Replacement Doll


I took the doll off the shelf tonight and held her for the first time in many years. It’s amazing how healing it has been for that once little girl in me to finally have a voice and be able to share it through my writing.


excerpt from my story in the book:

“A number of years ago, I received a Christmas present from my adoptive mother — a brand-new, expensive, 125-year anniversary doll, a look-alike to the one she had discarded. Through my tears, I tried to pretend that it was the most thoughtful gift. I knew she meant well, but neither of us had truly understood what the other one desired. I felt a deep, agonizing loss; I had needed her to give me something of herself.”

If you are an adoptee or know of anyone who might benefit and be encouraged from reading others’ adoption journeys, I bought a few extra books to share. I know for me personally with having grown up in a family where I wasn’t supposed to even tell anyone I was adopted, this book would have helped me to not feel so alone in my thoughts and feelings.


Thank you for always believing in me; I feel your love!

Author: JoAnne

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