The Lost and Found

October 3rd

Several years ago, I stumbled upon some unclaimed property online with a high dollar value that appeared to be somehow connected to my stepfather. Most of us couldn’t just pretend that we didn’t see this amount of misplaced funds and not try to find its rightful owner. As I started to piece together my late stepfather’s “hidden” life story before our family, I found that he had indeed been married for many years to the woman listed on these public records. Apparently, my dad and his first wife had been divorced for a long time, and both were remarried. But the “oh, how could this have slipped her mind” thousands of dollars of interest from bonds and contents in a safety deposit box were still under her first name and my stepfather’s last name.

After learning my stepfather’s wife had passed away, I obtained a copy of her will. Nobody should have to find out hurtful revelations this way. Those affectionate words I used to hear my daddy say to his little girl didn’t hold true, “I wasn’t the daughter he never had.” It was such a disturbing feeling not to be able to read between the lines, but to know the majority of his ex-wife’s legal document rather oddly pertained to their daughter.

Author: JoAnne

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  1. Very well written. It coveys the emotions that you experienced.

  2. That sounds like a particularly painful bait and switch.

  3. How big is the onion you have to peel back?

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