Planting Seeds

by JoAnne on October 2, 2013


Hi Suzanne,

The other day one of my teenage friends, Taylor left the comment below in regards to my FB Status Update about my disappointments and frustrations in the phenomenal amount of “likes” verses votes in hopes of winning the $5, 000 donation for your charity. Years ago, I watched Taylor as a precious newborn to the age of 4…one of our family’s all-time favorite children in my care over the years. I knew already back then that this girl was going to make her mark on this world. Taylor is now a senior in high school in Henderson, NV. As you will see, love continues to pour endlessly from her heart.

“JoAnne you are such an amazing woman and inspiration! This week I am going to talk to my student council about raising some money for you! You deserve it and it would be the least that we can do! You make me want to make this happen so bad! I am going to push this for you! I love you and I hope I can get this money for your charity. You really inspired me to start something :).”

Here’s the message I received last night from Taylor in talking with her school student council:

“Hey JoAnne! I talked to my student council and they would love to raise money and give it to your favorite charity in your name! They said they just need some more information about the charity :).”

For much of my adult life, my passion has been to make a difference in children’s lives. Helping young people see that they have voices that truly matter has been my heart-felt desire. I do believe I am being successful at accomplishing this goal. As soon as possible, “Suzanne, could you please provide some helpful information and possibly copies of pictures that I can send to Taylor for her school council. Thank you so much!


JoAnne Bennett


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