A Glimmer of Light

by JoAnne on March 30, 2014

ReMoved from HESCHLE on Vimeo.

I am always asked why I have such a heart for children, especially sharing such a deep connection with the little girl or boy who has no voice.

After I watched this poignant video, I kept thinking to myself, “Mom, you never came running for us when my two brothers and I were hiding in the backyard on that very dark night. Would you have given my close-in-age adopted brother and me back if there had been any hope of saving your marriage with our adoptive father, the love of your life?”

In my particular family dynamics, I believe what was missing from any conversation I ever had with my adoptive mother was how she felt about me after never seeing my adoptive father again. Children feel they are to blame. Mom didn’t act as if she wanted or needed us anymore.

Frustratingly, I can’t find anyone to tell me how she felt long before then … if we were always just a heavy burden.

I am for the underdog—the precious child who knows what it feels like to be truly abandoned and discarded as unworthy of being loved. I may have lost out on the love of two mothers and several fathers. I can’t change that fact. However, what makes it not hurt as much now is if I can continue to make a difference in the lives of our future generation of children who feel as I did.

Long before the police took my alcoholic adoptive father away on that very dark night, the system had failed me as a once helpless, vulnerable child. By sharing my past, my story, my history, I want to be a glimmer of light that makes a difference.

Please, I ask that adults not watch this video with the mind-set that you must go out immediately and try to save the world. My heart-felt desire is to see that every child placed in foster care indefinitely is able to experience that wonderful sense of belonging to a “forever family.” The goal is reunification for every child placed in foster care or finding a permanent home if they can’t be returned. I believe parents must be in it for the long haul with the understanding that raising a left-behind child by no means is going to be easy, but is well worth it.

I pray many lonely and confused children can one day say with confidence, “I am lovable. I am worthy of care,” as Zoe reflects in the video, “ReMoved.”

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